“Don't tell me, show me”

Jesper Engmann is body therapist and does a host of other energetic treatments. It was important to show the various treatment types through imagery to make sure that Jesper stood out as an empathetic professional in a saturated and convoluted field of therapists.

For Jesper we created a custom website that could showcase himself and his work. For more details about the process go further down to read and see more.

My role:
Creative Direction



Using imagery to drive sales, engagement and brand recognition

One voice

For the voice of the site we chose the characterful grotesque Marr Sans, designed by Paul Barnes and Dave Foster. Marr Sans is still distinct and has a personality without being too pushy. By only using a single weight of the typeface meant that the distinctions and hierarchy had to be made by other means then differentiating through font weight. The overall tone of the design is kept in black and white to give the perception of history and seriousness – again due to the convoluted field of work.

The use of one weight of the typeface also has the benefit of making the communication and website much simpler to work with in the long tail. Jesper didn’t want to spend time designing, but be able to use the site as his platform for his business.

The digital presence continued in the strategy of “show me, don’t tell me”. The site, which is the core platform for Jesper’s business, has an important role in the sales tract, as the site is the end point of all other channels. Therefor it was important to keep the call-to-actions highly visible and not overload the users with unnecessary visuals or copy.

By using the big and emotive imagery combined with no nonsense, down to earth copy we tried to speak more to the users emotions rather their logistical brains. By keeping the product offering simple and straight to the point with specific descriptions we tried to get the users to understand Jesper’s products better – which in its nature can be difficult to understand as every therapist has his/her own take on the term body therapy.

Adding to the fact that the users who would end up on the site, primarily via Facebook and word of mouth, were already in their own discovery phase, made it even more important to convey Jesper’s story and to create an emotional connection to the users who would want to get a treatment by him. Selling Jesper to the potential clients was more important than the services he could actually deliver.